Care and Use

Prepare the Skin:

It is best to apply the electrode on clean, dry skin to prevent any skin irritation. Clean the application site with soap and water and pat dry. Avoid any lotions, alcohol and oils on the skin prior to using electrodes. It is sometimes recommended to trim body hair in the area in which the electrode will be applied to avoid discomfort and problems when applying and removing the electrode.

Handling the Electrode:

To extend the life of your electrode, handle them with care. To apply the electrode to your skin, you will first want to gently remove it from the liner. To do so, gently bend the liner at the corner to help separate the electrode from it. Using your thumb, rub across the edge of the electrode in an upward motion. Once the electrode is loosened from the liner, gently pull the electrode from the liner. Never pull the electrode off the liner by the wire. There is no threat of the wire slipping out, but you can inhibit the functionality of the wire by doing so. It is always best to remove the electrode from the liner in this manner.

When finished using the electrodes, return them to the liner and place them in the storage bag. It’s always best to store your electrodes in a cool, dry place.

Extended Use:

When using electrodes for long periods of time-longer than 4 hours-it is recommended they be swapped out and fresh electrodes be applied. Especially in hot or humid environments, this will help extend the life of the electrode.

Storing and Re-hydration:

Always check the electrode gel for tac prior to use. If the gel does not adhere to a gentle touch of your fingertip, rub a drop of water on the gel surface and repeat until the surface has been completely re-hydrated. Return the electrodes to the release side of their liner and return to the storage bag. Store electrodes in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposure of the gel to heat and humidity.

Over Saturation:

Over-saturation can occur if our electrodes are worn too long without rotating. Over-saturation occurs when the gel electrode absorbs moisture from perspiring. Excessive addition of water to rehydrate the gel surface or hot/humid environments can also cause over-saturation. This results in an eventual lessening of the adhesive properties of the gel. Electrodes should be removed from the skin and allowed to air dry in a cool and dry environment such as a refrigerator, with the gel exposed to the air for at least 24 hours.

Medical Disclaimer:

Eagle Electrode Manufacturing cannot provide you with medical advice. All information provided on this website is for your knowledge only and not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before purchasing any product(s).

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