About Us

About Eagle Electrode Manufacturing

In order to tell you about Eagle Electrode Manufacturing we believe it is important to first tell you what we are NOT. We are NOT a huge corporation or conglomerate that manufactures hundreds of different products. We are NOT a big company that buys electrodes ready made from China or Korea or other parts of Asia. We do NOT repackage low quality electrodes purchased overseas and distribute them under a different name.


Eagle Electrode Manufacturing IS a small company located in rural Maryland. Today Eagle Electrode Manufacturing IS solely focused on manufacturing Electrodes and only Electrodes of the highest quality. As a small company, Eagle Electrodes IS committed to providing only the highest level of customer service and support. Eagle Electrode DOES use the highest quality components found in America and our electrodes ARE manufactured by American employees. Our quality raw materials ARE sourced from companies located in California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. These materials ARE all transported to Eagle Electrode Manufacturing by using no less than 6 different freight carriers to reach their final destination. As you can see, a single pack of Eagle brand electrodes involves employees from 14 different companies all located here in the United States. It is clear when purchasing Eagle brand electrodes you are putting America to work.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Eagle Electrode Manufacturing, LLC. is to develop, manufacture and deliver a high quality product using the best American raw materials and labor. Our mission is realized every day when we provide a more superior product than Asian imports and competitive prices that allow pain sufferers to find relief.